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ALAMAT BAR’S DI JAKARTA 14 October, 2008

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Bakers Inn,Jl. MH. Thamrin Kav. 28-30, Jakarta Pusat,Phone: (62 21)7235544, Fax: (62 21)7235544

Bengkel, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53 Lot 1 Jakarta Selatan, Phone: (62 21)5155008, Fax: (62 21)5155264

Club Monaco, Jl. Mahakam I No. 6 Jakarta Selatan, Phone: (62 21)7209966, Fax: (62 21)7252011

Gelato Bar, Jl. New Delhi No. 9 Jakarta Pusat, Phone: (62 21) 72788310, Fax: (62 21) 72788320

Le Rendez-Vous,Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav 18-20 Jakarta Selatan,Telp: (62-21) 251-3131, Fax: (62-21) 571-1633,email: sales@meridien-jkt.co.id, website: http://www.lemeridien.com

Liquid Room,Jl. TB. Simatupang Kav. 17 Jakarta Selatan,Phone: (62 21) 75920334, Fax: (62 21) 7800928

My Bar, Jl. Falatehan I No. 16 Jakarta Selatan,Phone: (62 21)7396510, Fax: (62 21)72801654

One Club, Jl. Gunung Sahari No. 2 Jakarta Utara,Phone: (62 21)64566030, Fax: (62 21)64566030

Paparazzi, Jl. MH. Thamrin Kav. 28-30 Jakarta Pusat, Phone: (62 21) 31927922, Fax: (62 21) 31927938

The Balemang, Jl. Wijaya I No. 53 Jakarta Selatan, Phone: (62 21)7233977, Fax: (62 21)7233978

The Rain Bar, Jl. MH. Thamrin Kav. 9 Jakarta Pusat

Anggrek Bar, Jl Bekasi Tmr Raya 9, Jakarta 13350, Tel.: (62)(21) 8568407

Aphrodite Bar and Restaurant, Jl. HR Rasuna Said Kave C.22 Jakarta 12920. Tel.: Ph. (62)(21) 5263150, Fax.: (62)(21) 5263265. Specialties: Mixed fruit, milk shake, beer, wine. Food: soups, salad, tuna, fish and chips, fried chicken, calamari, fried rice, chicken rice, beef goulash, spaghetti, steak. Price: moderate. Opening hours: 10.00 AM to 01.00 AM, on weekend: 03.00 AM.

Barolo Bar, Jl Kemang Raya 2 Bisnis Kemang Plaza, Jakarta 12730, Tel.: (62)(21) 7183422

Bintang Mawar, Jl Mangga Besar VII 17-19-21, Jakarta 11170, Tel.: (62)(21) 6594826

Blueprints Bar, Jl Letjen S Parman Kav 93-94 Hotel Twin Plaza Menara Asri Lt 1, Jakarta 11420, Tel.: (62)(21) 56960888

Brown Bar, Jl Kali Besar Brt 44-46, Jakarta 11230, Tel.: (62)(21) 6907926

Burgundy Bar, Jl MH Thamrin Kav 28-30 Grand Hyatt, Jakarta Lt 4, Jakarta 10230, Tel.: (62)(21) 3901234. Bar with burgundy (dark shade of red) decoration. The special drink from this bar is called “burgundy crush”. Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday – 5:00 pm to 1:00 am, Friday to Saturday – 5:00 pm to 2:00 am. Facility: live jazz performance, cigar smoking room. Drinks: fine wine, frozen vodkas, spirit, martini, Caipirinha, Caipiroska etc. Snack: temaki rolls, foie grass. Price: splurge.

Churchil Bar, Jl Lap Banteng Slt 1 Hotel Borobudur, Jakarta 3rd Fl, Jakarta 10710, Tel.: (62)(21) 3805555

Cjas Bar, Jl Asia Afrika Hotel Mulia Senayan Lt Mezzanine, Jakarta 10270, Tel.: (62)(21) 5747777

Club 36 Bar, Hotel Jayakarta, Jalam Hayam Wuruk 126, Jakarta , Tel. : (62)(21) 532 8682. Las Vegas style bar/girly bar with karaoke, and gogo dancers. Foreign dancers from Thailand, Turkey, eastern Europe. Opening hours: 01.00 PM to 05.00 AM (Mon-Sat), 06.00 PM to 05.00 AM (Sun). 36 karaoke rooms.

CT Bar, Jl Hayam Wuruk 123, Jakarta 11160, Tel.: (62)(21) 6248680

Debasic, Jl. Melawai Raya No. 73, Jakarta Selatan, Tel.: (62)(21) 7257181, Fax: (62)(21) 7254151. Facility: bar, live music (hip hop, retro and jazz), restaurant, discotheque. Drinks: fine wine, cocktail, liquer based coffee, Debasic Sensation, Strawberry Basic Margarita, Long Basic Island. Specialty: Caesar Salad, Goulash Soup, Calamari Calypso, Entrecote Conosierre, Veal Escallop St. debasic, Deep Fried Oxtail. Price: moderate.

F Bar, Plaza Indonesia L1-2#EX, Jl. MH. Thamrin Kav. 13, tel. +62-21-31909079. Super-stylish bar/club with DJ spinning nonstop and Fashion TV on all the walls, and an expensive fusion restaurant downstairs for quieter moments. Draft Bintang a mere Rp 25,000, but this is the kind of place that calls for a strangely named cocktail — if the Flaming Gorilla Tits (Rp. 80,000) isn’t your scene then go for a well-mixed Kamikaze (Rp 55,000).

Gelato Bar, Jl MH Thamrin Kav 28-30 EX 37-38 Lt 1, Jakarta 10350, Tel.: (62)(21) 3151874

Golden Time, Jl Agung Utr Raya Sunter Agung Podomoro Bl A/5-A, Jakarta 14350, Tel.: (62)(21) 65834504

Grand Manhattan, Jl Lap Banteng Slt 1 Hotel Borobudur, Jakarta Lt 1-3, Jakarta 10710, Tel.: (62)(21) 3842223

Gumarang Bar, Jl KH Wahid Hasyim Hotel Ibis Tamarin, Jakarta 10350, Tel.: (62)(21) 3912323

Gypsy Bar, Jl Iskandarsyah I 9, Jakarta 12160, Tel.: (62)(21) 72794243

H2O Bar, Jl Melawai IX 10-F, Jakarta 12160, Tel.: (62)(21) 7245151

Happy Dragon, Jl Mangga Dua Raya Hotel Dusit Mangga Dua Lt Lobby, Jakarta 10730, Tel.: (62)(21) 6128811

International Yacht, Jl Gn Sahari Raya 3 Sheraton Media Hotel Lt 3, Jakarta 10720, Tel.: (62)(21) 6263001

Kelts Irish Pub, Jl HR Rasuna Said Kav X-O Hotel Grand Melia Lt 1, Jakarta 11510, Tel.: (62)(21) 5268080

Komodo Menari, Jl Melawai IX 10-F, Jakarta 12160, Tel.: (62)(21) 278 3653

Kota Bumi, Jl Hayam Wuruk 111-ZD, Jakarta 11160, Tel.: (62)(21) 6260825

Kudus Bar, Jl Jend Gatot Subroto Hotel, Jakarta Hilton Internasional Garden T, Jakarta 10270, Tel.: (62)(21) 5703600

La Terraza, Jl HR Rasuna Said Kav X-O Hotel Grand Melia, Jakarta 11510, Tel.: (62)(21) 5268080

Lobby Bar, Jl Prapatan 44-48 Hotel Aryaduta, Jakarta 10110, Tel.: (62)(21) 23521234

Lone Star, Jl Blora 19, Jakarta 10310, Tel.: (62)(21) 3143962

Majapahit, Jl Brawijaya 26 Hotel Dharmawangsa Ground Floor, Jakarta 12170, Tel.: (62)(21) 7258181

Mardi Gras Lounge, Jamz 2, Grand Lippo Sudirman, Jl Garnisun Dalam 8, Karet Semanggi, South Jakarta, Tel.: (62)(21) 574-5670. Facility: bar, live jazz performance. Drinks: Fine Wine, Willowglen Shiraz Cabernet, champagne, liquer chardonnay. Food: steak, spaghetti. Opening hours: 06.00 PM to 01.00 AM. Price: splurge.Marios Place, Jl HOS Cokroaminoto 79 Menteng Plaza Lt Dasar, Jakarta 10310, Tel.: (62)(21) 3917301

Metropolitan Bar, Jl Enggano 96, Jakarta 14310, Tel.: (62)(21) 43937818

Mega Dangdut Bar, Jl P Tubagus Angke Bl VV/19-D, Jakarta 11460, Tel.: (62)(21) 5661877

More International, Jl Melawai VIII 2-A, Jakarta 12160, Tel.: (62)(21) 7393594

Nucina Bar, Jl Kemang Raya 24, Jakarta 00000, Tel.: (62)(21) 7193858

Onix Bar, Jl Letjen S Parman Kav 59 Hotel Ibis Slipi, Jakarta 11410, Tel.: (62)(21) 5331560

Pool Bar, Jl Angkasa 1 Golden Boutique Hotel, Jakarta 10720, Tel.: (62)(21) 6255555

Puspita Bar, Jl Ir H Juanda 34, Jakarta 00000, Tel.: (62)(21) 31934790

Ratu Bar, Jl Enggano Raya Ruko Enggano Megah Bl B/14, Jakarta 14310, Tel.: (62)(21) 4354485

Red Square, Plaza Senayan Arcadia,Unit X-105,Jl. New Delhi No.9, tel. +62-21-5790-1281. Jakarta’s first vodka bar, in chic black and red, serves up all sorts of vodka-based cocktails (how about a Bloody Red Square?) plus “fusion Russian” cuisine with items like Russian Bruschetta and Borscht Buntut. There are dancers and fire-juggling bartenders most nights at 11 PM. Open from 11:30 AM to past midnight, most cocktails from Rp 50,000 up.

Regal Bar, Jl Letjen S Parman Bl H-1, Jakarta 11410, Tel.: (62)(21) 5307792

Sari Ayu Bar, Jl P Jayakarta Bl B-43/45-49, Jakarta 10730, Tel.: (62)(21) 6296486

Satu Lagi, Jl Terogong Raya Hotel Kristal, Jakarta 12430, Tel.: (62)(21) 7507050

Some Palace Else, Bandara Internasional Soekarno Hatta, Jakarta 15125, Tel.: (62)(21) 5597777

Sportsmans Bar, Jl Falatehan I 8, Jakarta 12160, Tel.: (62)(21) 7204731

Stanford Arms, Jl Iskandarsyah Raya 1 Hotel Ambhara Ground Fl, Jakarta 12160, Tel.: (62)(21) 2700800

Tao Bar, Jl Veteran I 18-19, Jakarta 10110, Tel.: (62)(21) 3855653

Tavern The, Jl Prapatan 44-48 Hotel Aryaduta, Jakarta 10110, Tel.: (62)(21) 23521234

The Bar at Four Seasons/BATF, Jl HR Rasuna Said Four Seasons Hotel, Jakarta Lt 2, Jakarta 12910, Tel.: (62)(21) 2523456

The Bar at Shangri-La /BATS, Shangri-La B1F, Kota BNI, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 1. Featuring Flashdance for the top 40 live music and the jazz sounds of Kemala Ayu at the After Work Club from 5-7 PM.

Tigakuda Bar, Jl Cikini Raya II 105 Hotel Menteng II Lt 1, Jakarta 10330, Tel.: (62)(21) 31925543

Tiga Puluh, Le Meridien 1F, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 18-20. Jakarta 10220, Tel.: (62)(21) 2513131, The Jekyll and Hyde of Jakarta’s nightclubs: as you step in, you’ll find a stylish, quiet, well-lit wine bar, but behind the double doors lies a dimly lit and noisy nightclub packed with girls. The live bands are, however, a notch above the average. Rp. 75,000 cover on weekends.

Untitled Fun Pub, Jl Lingkar Mega Kuningan Kav E-1-2/1-2, Jakarta 12950, Tel.: (62)(21) 57988888

Venue Bar, Jl Kemang Slt 2, Jakarta 12560, Tel.: (62)(21) 7805610

Wasabi Sushi Bar, Jl Kemang Raya 66, Jakarta 12730, Tel.: (62)(21) 7190802

Zebra Bar, Jl Laks L RE Martadinata 1 Hotel Ancol, Jakarta 14350, Tel.: (62)(21) 6916009, Phone: (62 21) 3102201, Fax: (62 21) 3901760

The Wine Cellar,  Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 10-11 Jakarta Pusat, Phone: (62 21)5706200, Fax: (62 21)5706200

Tiga Puluh Music, Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav 18-20 Jakarta Selatan, Telp: (62-21) 251-3131, Fax: (62 21) 571-1633, email: sale@meridien-jkt.co.id, website: http://www.lemeridien.com

Tony Roma’s, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 11 Jakarta Pusat, Phone: (62 21)7203735, Fax: (62 21)7202744

Zanzibar, Jl. Hasanudin Kav. 47-51 Gd. Victoria Centre Lt 2 Jakarta Selatan, Phone: (62 21)7255527, Fax: (62 21)75902709

Tempat Discotheque di Jakarta 28 August, 2008

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Jl Jend Gatot Subroto Kav 23 Graha BIP Lt 1 Jakarta 12930, Tel.: (62)(21) 520 2913. Expensive restaurant and stylish nightclub in shades of black and red, with a two-story wine rack. As of 2006 probably Jakarta’s top place for the idle rich to see and be seen, so expect long queues on weekends unless you show up before midnight or know the right people. Free entry, but steeply priced drinks at Rp.70,000 and up.

Jl. Pecenongan, Central Jakarta. One of Jakarta’s countless dodgy karaoke-disco-spa-massage lounges, but from the upper end of the spectrum and with some English-speaking Filipina staff. Grab a bunch of friends and book a private karaoke room for a night out Indonesian-style; two bottles of Remy Martin cognac (the drink of choice) cost a cool Rp 880,000.

Golden Crown
Jl Pinangsia Raya 1 Glodok Plaza Lt 3, Jakarta 11110, Tel.: (62)(21) 6230 2888

Golden Time, Jl Agung Utr Raya Sunter Agung Podomoro Bl A/5-A, Jakarta 14350, Tel.: (62)(21) 6583 4504

Hard Rock Cafe, Plaza Indonesia L2#EX-07, Jl. MH. Thamrin Kav. 13, tel. (62)(21) 3199 0164. In most of the world the HRC is synonymous with rock’n’roll kitsch and overpriced hamburgers for tourists, but Jakarta’s is famous as a place to party and it gets packed on weekends. Recently reopened at a new location and, moan the old-timers, not the quite the same anymore (although there are still long queues to get in on weekends).

Hailai, Jl Lodan Tmr 1 Hailai Bldg, Jakarta 14430, Tel.: (62)(21) 645 9868
Lido Palace, Jl Mangga Dua Raya Harco Mangga Dua Plaza Bl B/119, Jakarta 10730, Tel.: (62)(21) 601 5955

Millenium, Jl Gajah Mada 19-26 Gajah Mada Plaza Lt 5-6, Jakarta 10130, Tel.: (62)(21) 6385 7552

Milles Executive Club, Jl Lokasari Mangga Besar Plaza Lt 4, Jakarta 11170, Tel.: (62)(21) 625 5318

Monaco Club, Hotel Gran Mahakam, Jl Mahakam I no 6, Jakarta Selatan, Tel.: (62)(21) 7209566. Discotheque, dance,Karaoke rooms, Bar. Japanese and French cuisine: escargot, sushi, sashimi. Drinks: Mojito, Cinzano Piccolo, Vino de Monaco, Vodca Martini. Opening hours: Tuesday to Thursday: 6PM-2AM, Friday and Saturday: 6 PM-3.30AM, Sunday: 7PM-1AM. Price: splurge.

Nirvana, Hotel Maharadja, Jl. Kapten Tendean 1, South Jakarta , Tel.: (62)(21) 79183887. Facility: Disco, Karaoke, home band, damce floor. Music style: tribal, garage, oldies, underground. Opening hours: 11.00 pm to 04.00 AM. Karaoke facility on 2nd floor: 10 rooms from US$ 10/hour.
Play, Hotel Grand Ancol 1st Fl, Jl. Laks. RE Martadinata Bl C17, Ancol, North Jakarta, Tel.: (62)(21) 691 6009. The closest Jakarta gets to a strip club, with Uzbek pole dancers and truly bizarre wall murals. No cover, drinks from Rp. 25,000.

SAND, mangga 2 square, one stop entertaint kali ya lebih cocok [edit: StH]

Stadium, Hayam Wuruk 111 FF-JJ, West Jakarta, tel. (62)(21) 626 3323. Legendary Jakartan superclub with no less than five dancefloors and capacity for 4000, the party starts every Thursday and doesn’t stop until Monday. Note that the drug scene is heavy here, resulting in frequent police raids, and the club has had some problems with gang violence, so bring a friend or two and keep an eye out for trouble.

Valentino Night Club, Jl Mangga Besar Raya 91-E, Jakarta 11170, Tel.: (62)(21) 659 3709

White House, Jl Jend Sudirman Kav 54-55 Plaza Bapindo Ged Parkir Lt 1, Jakarta 12190, Tel.: (62)(21) 527 5635

X-Lounge/Vertigo, Gedung Veteran RI 16-17F (in Plaza Semanggi), Jl. Gatot Subroto, tel. (62)(21) 2553 9892. Two interconnected clubs, the more nightclubby Vertigo upstairs playing harder dance music and the more bar-like X-Lounge downstairs spinning R&B and pop. Entrance Rp. 80,000 on weekends, which gets you a drink and access to both.

1001 Club, Jl. Hayam Wuruk 108 Hayam Wuruk Plaza I Lt 4, Jakarta 11180 , Tel.: (62)(21) 6264567

AB Club, Jl. Sunan Kalijaga Kav 64 Bl M, Jakarta 12160 , Tel.: (62)(21) 7203892

Antik Discotheque, Jl. P Jayakarta 45 Bl A-1/17-20, Jakarta 11110 , Tel.: (62)(21) 6494980

Asemka Simas Discotheque & Karaoke, Jl. Asemka Psr Pagi, Jakarta 11110 , Tel.: (62)(21) 6310383

Bandara Discotheque, Pert Aldiron Plaza Bl B/3 RT 006/05, Jakarta 11510 , Tel.: (62)(21) 56969914

Barong Discotheque, Jl. Pluit Indah Raya 168, Jakarta 14450 , Tel.: (62)(21) 6695461

Cleopatra Discotheque, Jl. Agung Utara Raya Bl A/5, Jakarta 14350 , Tel.: (62)(21) 64716899

Dreams Discotheque, Jl. Mangga Besar Raya 4-HH, Jakarta 11170 , Tel.: (62)(21) 6495092

Furama Club, Jl. Hayam Wuruk 72, Jakarta 11160 , Tel.: (62)(21) 6257272

Grand Manhattan Club, Jl. Lap Banteng Slt 1 Hotel Borobudur Jakarta Lt 1-3, Jakarta 10710 , Tel.: (62)(21) 3842223

Hailai Discotheque, Jl. Lodan Tmr 1 Hailai Bldg, Jakarta 14430 , Tel.: (62)(21) 6459868

Jakarta Discotheque, Jl. Mangga Besar Raya 91 D/E-93, Jakarta 11170 , Tel.: (62)(21) 6591689

JJ Duit Pub, Jl. Tanah Abang Tmr 16, Jakarta 10110 , Tel.: (62)(21) 3459031

Athena, dulu bernama Kaliber & jg terkenal dg sebutan kampus A by STH team or blok A , beralamat di Jl. Kali Besar Brt 22, Jakarta 11230 , Tel.: (62)(21) 6916688

Lasonta Discotheque, Jl. Palatehan I 29, Jakarta 12160 , Tel.: (62)(21)

Lintas Melawai Club, Jl. Melawai Raya 22 Ged Lintas Melawai Club Lt 2, Jakarta 12160 , Tel.: (62)(21) 7255726

Lisa Discotheque, Jl. Gajah Mada 3-5 Kompl Duta Merlin Bl CNO/1-3, Jakarta 10130 , Tel.: (62)(21) 63855505

M2000 Discotheque, Jl. KH Samanhudi 11-A, Jakarta 10710 , Tel.: (62)(21) 3856580

Maya Discotheque, Jl. Jatinegara Tmr 22, Jakarta 13310 , Tel.: (62)(21) 8505556

Medika Discotheque, Jl. Daan Mogot I 27-33, Jakarta 11470 , Tel.: (62)(21) 5682610

Monster Discotheque, Jl. Blora 19, Jakarta 10310 , Tel.: (62)(21) 3143961

Moonlight Discotheque, Jl. Hayam Wuruk 120, Jakarta 11160 , Tel.: (62)(21) 6293274

Morgans Discotheque, Jl. Senen Raya 135 Plaza Atrium Lt 1, Jakarta 10410 , Tel.: (62)(21) 3442828

Musro Discotheque Pub & Karaoke, Jl. Lap Banteng Slt 1 Hotel Borobudur Jakarta Lt Dasar, Jakarta 10710 , Tel.: (62)(21) 3842050

New Stardust Discotheque, Jl. MH Thamrin 11 Ged Sarinah Lt 14, Jakarta 10350 , Tel.: (62)(21) 3146601

New Tanker Discotheque, Jl. Cilincing Raya 53, Jakarta 14270 , Tel.: (62)(21) 43931091

Parahiangan, Jl. Blora 24 RT 002/06, Jakarta 10310 , Tel.: (62)(21) 3101069

Pit Stop, Jl. MH Thamrin 6 Hotel Sari Pan Pacific Lt 2, Jakarta 10340 , Tel.: (62)(21) 31923707

Princess Sound & Lighting, Jl. Kebayoran Lama Raya 14, Jakarta 12230 , Tel.: (62)(21) 7221064

Pujasera Discotheque, Jl. Mangga Besar 65, Jakarta 11170 , Tel.: (62)(21) 6592445

Rajamas Entertainment, Jl. Hayam Wuruk 100 Hayam Wuruk Lindeteves Bldg, Jakarta 11180 , Tel.: (62)(21) 6242526

Rasa Sayang Discotheque, Jl. Mangga Besar I 63 H-F, Jakarta 11180 , Tel.: (62)(21) 6398789

REM Club, Jl Laks. R.E. Marrtadinata No. 10, Jakarta 1440, Tel.: (62)(21) 6917049.

Sedap Malam, Jl. Hayam Wuruk 111-M, Jakarta 11160 , Tel.: (62)(21) 6391066

Selayang Pandang Discotheque, Jl. Mangga Besar VIII 3-D, Jakarta 11170 , Tel.: (62)(21) 6398509

Siera Discotheque, Jl. Mangga Besar Raya 65, Jakarta 11180 , Tel.: (62)(21) 6498254

Stadium Discotheque, Jl. Hayam Wuruk 111 FF-GG-HH-II-JJ, Jakarta 11160 , Tel.: (62)(21) 6263323

Sydney 2000, Jl. Hayam Wuruk Pert Glodok Jaya Lt 9, Jakarta 11180 , Tel.: (62)(21) 6250686

Country Discotheque, Jl. Mangga Besar Raya 81 Lokasari Plaza Bl B/36 Lt 1, Jakarta 11170 , Tel.: (62)(21) 6252324

Widya Discotheque, Jl. Daan Mogot I 11, Jakarta 11470 , Tel.: (62)(21) 5682886

Alamat Panti Pijat 26 August, 2008

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Bro, tolong klo’ ada tempat yang baru atau tempat yang lama sudah tidak beroperasi lagi, tolong untuk mengisi comment, informasikan kepada kita semua.
GI-17: Pijat bugar tenaga wanita cantik, AC, bersih, suasana tenang, nyaman, parkir luas, aman, fasilitas hotel, murah. Hubungi: (021) 4604283 Hotel Gading Indah lantai 2. Beautiful Massage: Mahasiswi, Model Tabloid, Karyawati, Cantik, Menarik, Sexy, Terseleksi. Dijamin tidak kecewa. Service OK. Hubungi Popy-08161983535, Senen JakPus.

Pijat Bugar: To Jakarta & Bogor. Muda,Cantik, Sexy, 16th – 23rd, Mahasiswi, SPG, Model (Cina, Indo-Belanda, Pakistan) High Class. Hubungi: Novi-0818905568. Service bagus. Chantiq Maniez: Gadis cantik manis, 20- 32 tahun, mahasiswi, karyawati, ibu rumah tangga (Arab, Cina, Pribumi) Profesional, ramah & baik. Hubungi: Yenni-08129709114.

Ivony Salon: P/W, Gunting, Creambath, Lulur, Facial, Massage, Refleksi, tenaga wanita. Jalan Percetakan Negara Raya D No. 63.

Hubungi: Ivon-(021) 4240309 Massage: Mahasiswi, karyawati, Model, cantik & menarik. Banyak tamu mengakui. Cina & Pribumi. Rp 300ribu. Dijamin.

Hubungi: Vera-0816996449, Pramuka Raya Massage: Pijat relax dengan nona cantik, terseleksi, Mahasiswi, Karyawati, SPG, Model, Cina, Pribumi, Arab. Murah dijamin puas, 24 jam. Hubungi Silvy-08128776525, Salemba.

Puspita Masage: Griya pijat tradisional dengan fasilitas AC, Air Panas, bersih, aman & nyaman. Parkir luas. Jalan Juwana No. 34, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat. Sekitar Jalan Blora.

New Oceanic Massage: Perawatan tubuh dengan nuansa laut & deburan ombak. Tenaga wanita. Gedung Selmis lantai 2, Jalan Asem Baris. Telepon: (021) 8352843

Audi Massage: ABG, Chinesee, India, Arab, mahasiswi, pramugrari, model, cantik, putih, sehat. Usia: 17th 24th. Panggilan 24 jam. Cempaka Putih. Hubungi: 08174999259.

Full Body Massage: ex best model, 32th, mengatasi ejakulasi dini, cepat loyo, anda akan menjadi perkasa dengan massage. Buktikan. Hubungi: Devi, 0818867485.

Kekeh Massage: oleh wanita Cina Pontianak, Bangka, Palembang, Bandung,
Manado, India, DLL. Putih, cantik, menarik, sabar, sehat. 24 jam. Hubungi: 08128131631

Pijat: Refleksi, kebugaran, lulur, tenaga wanita, nyaman, murah. Jalan Pinangsia I No. 55, Jakarta Barat. Telepon: (021) 6246478 / Hubungi: Wiwit-08561010532.

Renny Massage Club: Semua Ada disini: Muda, cantik, menarik, ramah, sopan & sabar. Khusus panggilan 24 jam. Dijamin bagus & puas. Hubungi: Renny-08121922121.

Massage Kebugaran: Pegal & lulur, ejakulasi dini. Khusus panggilan 24 jam dengan tenaga wanita 28th, belum menikah. Hubungi: Mbak Gesta-08129294965.

Aurel Massage: wanita cantik, 17th – 25th, Jl. Joe No. 20 A, lenteng Agung, Pasar Minggu, Rp. 300ribu / 2 jam. Dijamin tidak kecewa. Hubungi: 08121833618.

Massage: full body massage, capek, letih, service memuaskan dengan tenaga wanita cantik, professional, khuus panggilan. Hubungi: Bella-0818472537.

Monalisa Massage Agency: Jangan kemana2x, semua Ada disini. Cantik &
Terseleksi. Cabang Tebet dekat hotel Nirwana. Hubungi: 0818743041. Pasar Baru, 24 jam.

Dua Saudara Massage: high class ladies, Mahasiswi, Peragawati, ex. Pramugari, Model. Pasti asli & cantik. Hubungi: 0817884204

Griya Pijat Kramat Jaya: bersih, full AC, parkir luas, max. 26th, Perkantoran
Kramat, Sentra Kramat Raya 7-9. Phone: (021) 3150891.

Massage: tenaga wanita muda, Cina Indo: Menado, Sunda, Bangka, Jawa. Arab & India. Ramah, cantik, sopan & bersih. 24 jam. SPG / Mahasiswi. Hubungi: Lusi-0817875517.

Jakarta Massage Club: wanita Chinesse, ex. Model, Rp 350ribu. Karena
Banyaknya pesanan, mohon pesan 2 jam sebelumnya. Hubungi: 08159282558. 24 jam.

Cassanova Massage Club: 100% asli, Ada bukti, Model, Peragawati, SPG, ABG, Pramugari, DLL. Dijamin. Hubungi: Miss Nova 0818758732.

Kharisma Putri Giok Massage: Sensasi gadis amoy, cantik, putih & sexy. Panggilan 24 jam. Usia 18th 36th. Hubungi: 0818172790. Tebet.

Kartini Pijat: Pengobatan dengan tenaga wanita cantik, ramah. Jalan Kartini Dalam VIII No. 17, dekat Kelurahan Jakarta Pusat. Telepon: (021) 6596782. 24 jam.

Panti Pijat Edison: Pusat kebugaran tenaga wanita, usia < 25th, cantik, menarik & sexy. Aman, Full AC, parkir luas. Jalan Cideng Timur No. 62, Telepon: (021) 3855703

Pijat Kebugaran: tenaga wanita muda, menarik, ramah, sopan, servis memuaskan.

Di Hotel Pinangsia. Hubungi: Irma-0817712206 / Dewi-08179197255.

Dewi Sri Massage: Karyawati, Mahaiswi, canti, menarik, ramah, usia 19th – 26th, service oke. Jalan Matraman Raya Hubungi: 08129058048.

Blue Matra Desire Massage: Special full body white young lady. Mahasiswi & Model escort, high class woman. Khusus panggilan. Hubungi: 08179858567/(021) 70738236.

Pijat Kebugaran: tenaga wanita muda, menarik, ramah, sopan, servis memuaskan. Di Hotel Pinangsia. Hubungi: Ani-08158975192 / Tati-08179148669.

Yeyen Massage: Cina, Bangka, Sunda, Pontianak, Jawa, Pakistan, Karyawati,
Mahasiswi, putih, cantik, 17th 26th. Hubungi: 0817117132. Gunung Sahari, 24 jam.

Yolla Massage: Tenaga wanita cantik, menarik, sexy, ramah, servis memuaskan, harga terjangkau (murah) Jalan Raya Duren Tiga. Hubungi: 08179900868. 24 jam.

Wardani Massage: Reflexi, creambath, lulur, full AC, wanita muda. Jalan Anggrek Rosliana VII/90, Slipi (Salon Wardani). Telepon: (021) 9222183/08159443317.

Queen Massage: wanita muda, cantik, sexy, dijamin ramah & professional (mahasiswi, karyawati, model) 18th – 27th. Hubungi: 08128904477. Panggilan se DKI.

Madonna Massage: Model, ABG, Mahasiswi, cantik, sexy, sopan. Usia 18th – 22nd. Putih, Chinesse, Indo, Pribumi. Hubungi: 08121936144. Dijamin tidak kecewa 100%.

Cahaya Indra Massage: Full AC, air panas, parkir luas, tenaga wanita max 25th. Jalan Kepa Raya Ruko 2B (depan ex. Bioskop Tobar). Telepon: (021) 5687962.

Strawberry Massage: Mahasiswi, Model, Karyawati, cantik, sehat, professional, educated, terseleksi, service oke. Rp 350ribu. Hubungi: Ria-08128770995.

Panti Pijat Cahaya Reflexi: urut kebugaran, reflexi, lulur. Tenaga wanita. Jalan
Kebon Kacang Raya No. 4 (depan Hotel Wisata). Telepon: (021) 31909404.

Lestari Massage: ditempat/panggilan, tenaga wanita berpengalaman (s/d 24th). Jalan Mangga Besar Raya 26 (samping RS Husada) . Hubungi: 08151892635.

Pijat Indah Salon: Tenaga wanita, ramah. Lulur, massage kebugaran.. Parkir luas. Jalan Raden Saleh 28, Hptel Pardede, lantai Basement. Telepon: (021) 3914922.

Pijat Happy Massage: tenaga wanita muda pilihan dari USA, Europe, Arabian, Japan, Chinesse, India, Indo, Afrika & Artis. Hubungi: 08174911964.

Pijat Bugar TA 17: tenaga wanita cantik, AC, bersih & nyaman. Hubungi: 08129737311 / (021) 9255428. Sebelah utara Mall Taman Anggrek

Bella Massage: 17th – 25th, wanita cantik, sexy, menarik, Cina Bangka, Bandung, Menado, Indo Arab, Pakistan, ramah, sopan, bersih. Hubungi: 0817720903. 24 jam.

Belinda Massage Club: full body massage Cina, Arab, pribumi, cantik, sexy,
ramah, (karyawati, SPG, Model, mahasiswi). Tarif mulai 300 ribu. 08159473222.

Talenta Agency Massage: koleksi gadis-gadis model & Indo. Modis & educated. Bisa lihat foto sexy & bukti model. Jalan Menteng No: 59. 08129769996.

Griya Pijat Sibayak Sakti: Fasilitas air panas, AC, parker luas. Tenaga wanita 26th. Jalan Raden Saleh Raya No 14-E, Jakarta Pusat. (021) 3146675.

Massage Swanger: SMU, Mahasiswi, Karyawati, Ibu RT, Lawyer, Penyanyi, Instruktur [UTF-8?]senam & Member. 17th – 30th. Jam 06.00 18.00
08567856983. Kelapa Gading.

Lusy Massage: (17th – 25th) cantik, sexy, menarik, Chinese, Bangka, Pribumi, Indo, arab, Pakistan, sabar, ramah, sopan, bersih, dijamin. 08179810152. Magga Besar.

Full Body Massage: By Devi (32nd) ex. Model & Peragawati. Cantik, harum, terawat & sexy (167cm) Service kebugaran. 0818867485. Pasti Puas. Pondok Indah.

Apple Escort Massage: Body Massage by Young Escort Girl (17th – 28th), cute, sexy, Student, SPG, Model. Special service: 3some, lesbian, party sex. Call: 08121310099.

Dewi Anisa Massage: wanita cantik, muda & seksi. Ditempat/panggilan. Memuaskan. Jalan Jatinegara Timur No. 22A Bali Mester. Rati-08174978008.

Anna Massage: Lulur kebugaran tenaga pia & wanita, untuk pria & wanita di tempat. Jalan Boulevard Raya Blok F VI No: 4, Kelapa Gading. Telepon (021) 4530670.

Panti Pijat: manjakan tubuh anda dengan treatment body scrub. Hubungi Elsarah Salon Jl. Percetakan Negara V/5. Telepon (021) 4215320 ext:34 / 08129372404.

Valentine Massage: oleh wanita cantik, trampil, sopan, sabar (18th – 30th). Terasa seperti bulan madu kedua, nikmat dan mesra. Bela-08128991077. 24 jam

GIH Massage: Pijat bugar tenaga wanita cantik, AC, bersih, tenang, nyaman, parkir luas, aman, fasilitas hotel, murah. Mia- (021) 4604283 Hotel Gading Indah lantai 2.

Club Play Girl Massage: Mahasiswi, ABG, SPG, Model, suku keturunan & ahli variasi. (Rp 500ribu – Rp 2juta) 24 jam. Lydia-08159369431.

Zena Massage: Ladies, cantik, sexy, model terbukti OK asli 100%, mahasiswi, karyawati, model (18th – 27th), dijamin. Mely- 08568069393. Cikini.

Kiss Love’s Masage: Oleh wanita cantik, muda & seksi (Cina, Arab, Indo, India, Model, Mahasiswi) Bisa variasi gaya. 24 jam, Lydia-08128800041, Casablanca.

Lolita Masage: untuk pria dan wanita dengan tenaga pria / wanita muda, sexy, tampan, ramah. Jalan RS Fatmawati No. 15. 08174929662.

QQ Masage: Koleksi wanita cantik terseleksi (karyawati, SPG, model, IRT) chinesse, lokal dijamin ramah, sopan, sabar, service OK. Ada paket hemat. 08159236215.

Panti Pijat Ibu Roro: tenaga wanita cantik, usia muda. Jalan Peta Selatan, Ruko Kali Deres Indah I/D7 Telepon: (021) 5456067. (Depan Hari-Hari Swalayan)

Pijat Mayang Sari: suasana nyaman, full AC, tenaga pijat wanita min. 25th. Bukit Duri Plaza Blok B. 25 – Jatinegara. Telepon: (021) 9105984.

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